Training Programmes


Training programme conducted September 2016 in Cochin, India | In-House Advanced Training Course on Rubber Technology

Course Objectives
  • To gain and understanding of the modern technology advancements in Rubber Technology
  • To acquire practical experience in the use of rubber Product testing using latest equipment
  • To cultivate interest in the research and development of Rubber Technology and its applications for future advancement of the career.

3rd Programme

Training programme conducted November 2016 in Cochin, India
Workshop on FEA of Hypo Elastic Materials

30th Nov. to 3rd Dec -2016

30th Nov. to 3rd Dec -2016

Course Objectives
  • The objective of the course is to learn the fundamentals of finite element method with emphasize on the underlying theory, assumption, and modeling issues as well as providing hands on experience using finite element software

4th Programme

Training programme conducted September 2017in Cochin, India
Advances in Rubber Technology

  • 23 - 29 July 2017 (7 Days)

5th Programme

Technical Training and Exposure Programme at TARRC in UK for Sri Lankan Rubber Industry

The Export Development Board (EDB) has organised an advanced technical training and exposure programme for development of Sri Lankan Rubber Product Sector at Tun Abdul Razak Research Centre (TARRC), UK on the request of SLAMERP.
  • From 13th to 15th June 2017