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SLAMERP welcomes opening of breakthrough technology FEAS Centre

  • Right direction of public private partnership for industry growth

The Finite Element Analysis & Simulation (FEAS) Centre was ceremonially opened by Minister of Plantations Navin Dissanayake on 23 August at the Rubber Research Institute in Ratmalana, Sri Lanka. FEAS is one of the 25 projects included in the ‘Sri Lanka Rubber Industry Master Plan 2017-2026’, a national agenda for the development of the rubber industry.

image 3bfbbe45d9The Sri Lanka Association of Manufacturers and Exporters of Rubber Products (SLAMERP) welcomed this new project, that has brought the promise of significant aid to the rubber and plastic industry including other cross sections of industries, specifically in terms of high-end research and development (R&D) along with intensive product development via the utilisation of the latest technologies in 3D modelling and the constructing of prototypes that can be offered to global buyers of moulded products.

“We appreciate the commitment made by the Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) and the minister and the ministry officials for allocating Rs. 50 million towards the initial capital of this project in the National Budget of 2017,” said SLAMERP Chairman Prabhash Subasinghe. “The SLAMERP is also proud to have aided in the funding of this noteworthy project, towards the development of our local industry, its stakeholders and the nation. This is the idealistic form of a public-private partnership, and I have utmost confidence that together we will continue to succeed as partners in the development of the export industry.”

The FEAS Centre is a high-tech establishment, created with the aim of providing the rubber industry with the ability to engage in computer simulation to design advanced rubber products within the country. This project will support in enhancing the rubber industry’s technical capabilities to produce high value-added products and improve annual export earnings from $ 1 billion to $ 3 billion by 2025. Subasinghe further stated that the performance of rubber products in the global arena largely depends upon breakthroughs in raw materials, products, technology and brands. Technological advancements have led the way to the increased offering of value-added commodities in place of conventional products, while product innovation is an essential component in the attainment and sustainment of global markets. Rapid and superior economical design capabilities aligned with the pursuit of unrelenting improvement is of utmost importance when responding to constantly changing market needs.

The SLAMERP Chairman further stated that the industry at current, envisions to thrive as a catalyst for the next generation of growth, with the desire to provide the right impetus for continuous progress and the achievement of new heights in the rubber industry of Sri Lanka. The industry looks towards to the pioneering FEAS Centre to advance the sectors’ diversification and advancement, onto the path of innovation, modernisation and overall economic development. The sheer advantage this Centre will deliver to our nation, in terms of efficiency and effectiveness in product enhancements will warrant respect to all value-added rubber and related industry exports of Sri Lanka. SLAMERP also commended all those who contributed in making the FEAS Centre a reality.

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